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All you need to know to keep your ŠKODA feeling fresh

Nobody is better qualified to care for the body and soul of your Škoda than the specialists at our Alto ŠKODA Pennant Hills Authorised Service Centre.

Every technician is provided with comprehensive factory training, technical support, specialist tooling, and diagnostic equipment and uses ŠKODA Genuine Parts. So you can trust that your ŠKODA is in the best hands.

Our vehicles are now so technically advanced that the title 'mechanic' can no longer apply to the highly skilled, specialised ŠKODA 'technicians'.

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Alto Pennant Hills ŠKODA

Service Plans

Alto Pennant Hills ŠKODA

Pre-Paid Service Packs

Our pre-paid service packs are designed to save you money. Purchase a 5 Year Service pack today, and the savings are equivalent to the first 2 scheduled services free. Then, you can simply book a service time that suits you, and the costs are already covered.

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Alto Pennant Hills ŠKODA

Roadside Assistance

We're here for you

Alto Pennant Hills ŠKODA

Even the smartest drivers can get into trouble sometimes. Luckily, we’re always along for the ride offering a top up to 12 months membership to our Roadside Assistance when you service at any of our authorised centres. So, if you ever find yourself in trouble on the road, not to worry. We’re just a call away.

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1800 607 954

Save the number so we can save the day.

Even the smartest drivers can get into trouble sometimes. Luckily, we’re always along for the ride, offering free membership to our roadside assistance. That’s transport and accommodation, if necessary, anywhere in Australia. So you can get out there and explore without any worries.

Every new ŠKODA vehicle includes a complimentary one-year roadside assistance, from the warranty start date. The complimentary roadside assistance will subsequently be renewed on an annual basis for the second, third, fourth and fifth years, if the vehicle is returned to an Authorised ŠKODA dealer for scheduled maintenance (as per the ŠKODA service program) up to a maximum of five years.

Here’s an easy checklist of things to remember when calling us:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Your location, with nearest cross street if possible
  • A description of the problem or emergency
  • Your vehicle registration number

Of course, we aren’t the only ones who will be worrying about you after a breakdown or an accident. In that event, we’ll relay urgent messages to friends, family or business associates that may be affected or concerned by the delay. It’s a simple gesture, but an important one.

Roadside Terms & Conditions

Alto Pennant Hills ŠKODA